Endurance Riding.

I really enjoyed our trip to the Sport Endurance training weekend in May 2008. My Mum ((Sally) and I rode with my previous Mum Jeanette in the morning, in the afternoon we rode with Noel who was the club President at the time, which was very exciting!








A good workout tonight

Had a good session in the indoor tonight, lots of lateral work sometimes when it wasn’t asked for, then a run through Prelim 1, at walk and trot pace, we won’t do the canter parts at full speed until we have a feel for flow of the test.

Mum (Sally) took ages to tack me up because I was covered in mud (lots of moaning from her). Now I’m back in my stable munching hay, feeling tired and a bit queasy after loads  of sugar lumps from Sharron.

Good night everyone.



How it all began.

I realise that most of my fans are unaware of my life before I became famous, so to put the story straight (just ignore those tarty tabloids), I intend to slot the occasional “blast from the past” between my Team Piggy Updates.

Oh drat, I’ve gone and mentioned Team Piggy, well more of them later!

So to whet your appetite my first picture of me and Mum, gosh we look soooo young!




Hello World.

Hello, Piggy O’Higgins here, today is your lucky day girls, I’ve decided create a blog!

If I have time in my busy schedule  I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to and if you are really lucky I may post the occasional photo.

So hold onto your hats here is the first pic, its me resting in my personal limo, The Piggy Wagon.


Well that’s all for now, talk to you soooon. X